Building supplies

Thousands of different types of building materials and products are available. These items are used to build and repair buildings and structures. building supplies can be categorised in the following ways.

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Masonry Materials

The natural materials in this category include rocks, gravel, stone, crushed stone, stone blocks and stone slabs. These materials are generally used to strengthen the ground or underlying foundation. Blocks of stones are used to build vertical structures like retaining walls. Different types of brick blocks for various applications are available. Brick blocks help build large structures at less cost. These blocks can be used to build walls, pathways and decks.

Wood Items

Timber and wood items are used extensively in the residential, commercial and storage buildings. From simple unfinished products to highly finished items, a wide range of wood products are used in both indoor and outdoor areas of the buildings. Some of these structures include doors, windows, roofing, side panels, baseboards, overlays, handrails and fences.


Concrete and mortar materials are available in a wide range of options. Each item has its own chemical properties and characteristics. Concrete mixed with other items like aggregates, water and binders are used to build different types of structures. From lightweight concrete to reinforced concrete, different forms of concrete products are available. Ready mix concrete can be ordered for large projects. This type of wet concrete is delivered at the project site in ready to use condition. Structural precast and reinforced concrete units are prepared in factories. The precast structures are transported from the factory to the project site and installed. Large precast structures needed in the construction of large structures like flyovers are prepared at the site itself.


Metal items and products are somewhat expensive but provide high level of reinforcement and structural strength to the structure. Different types of metal items are used in the construction industry. Metals bars, pipes, angles, sheets and tubes are used in various ways to build strong structures. Metal frame construction is preferred in the construction of garage, barn and storage area. Roofing, siding, door, window and gate items are available in metal options.


Glass is generally used to build an enclosure that has some level of transparency. Glasses are used mostly in the panel sheet form. Special-purpose tempered, reinforced and heat insulated glasses are available for different applications. Glass panels are used with or without other types of panels to partition the indoor area. An enclosure with the glass panel retains both visibility and air conditioning effect. It helps maintain conversation privacy while keeping out external noise.


Different types of chemical materials are used in the construction industry. Waterproofing materials help keep out the water and protect the building material from moisture seepage. Binders are added to increase strength of the construction materials like concrete. Sealants are used to seal pits, cracks and holes. A wide variety of protective coating chemicals are applied on building materials. These items include general-purpose paints and varnishes that give a smooth finish to the exterior surface. The colourful paints improve the look of interior and exterior parts of the building.

All such building materials help build buildings and structures according to the required specifications and standards. The industry keeps seeing innovative products that improve efficiency, increase structural strength and reduce the cost of construction.